Table of Contents - LiDARmag - Vol.7, No3- 2017
Table of Contents
From The Editor: On the Road Again ...
In any given year, I cross the USA a couple times over by road for business and pleasure fact, given the option I almost always choose to travel by car rather than subject myself to the indignation and humility of air travel. Not just because of the recent news reports of ....
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P and Pixels 
Points & Pixels
Utilizing Black Swift Technologies SwiftTrainer, a turnkey sUAS flight system... LiDAR DEMs for the Perfect Lake Oil Prospect.... Advantages of Using 3D Revit BIM in Renovations... Resonon releases hyperspectral imaging system... Myths and Facts About BIM ...
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 Eric Andelin 
Pixel Perfection
Finding the optimal settings for photographs of your family vacation at the beach can be tricky. Fortunately cameras these days have a lot of built in intelligence, and with a little help you can usually get a pretty good photo. A good UAS pilot needs to know his camera settings given ....
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Ananda Fowler 
UAS Mapping: Is a Surveying License Required?
The speed at which UAS technology is being adopted is astounding. DJI sales went from $131m in 2013 to an estimated $1B in 2016. That trend is expected to continue. Along with this explosion in drone-based aerial cameras has followed a rise of innovation in commercial drone ....
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3D Printing of The Oroville Dam
Raised relief maps, terrain models or 3D maps are not new. They have been around in different manufacturing techniques and materials since the existence of the first civilizations. Since the 18th century until the last years of the 20th century the techniques used to create these ....
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Paul Tice 
Visualizing Point Clouds
3D laser scanning has evolved over the years, beginning simply with developers trying to figure out a way for computers to be able to handle this robust data. As technology has improved, this industry has innovated to produce lighter and easier to handle 3D point models. In ....
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Jamie Young 
Combining LiDAR with Other Remote Sensing Solutions
The LiDAR profession has evolved significantly since LiDAR became a viable mapping solution. In the beginning of commercial LiDAR it was about the technology and what the specific LiDAR technology could do for you. This continued for some time and to a certain extent it still continues ....
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Cyn Rene' Whitfield 
Multiple Return... Multiple Data
Multiple return 3d LiDAR scanners are one of the greatest inventions replacing Land Surveyor tasks... unless you are one of the traditional few who like to cut thru brush. Sometimes you just need more than the drip line. Sometimes ground truth traditionally is no more accurate ....
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Halchak, Bell, & Dharmapuri 
Landslide Analysis using Multi-Temporal LiDAR Data
Landslides (a.k.a. landslips, slumps, or slope failures), shown in Figures 1 and 2, are the movement of rock, debris, or earth down a slope. Landslides occur on every continent, with some regions experiencing more landslides due to specific ....
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MacPherson & Baylor 
Combating Climate Change - Effects of El Niņo
El Niņo is one of the most important climate phenomenon on Earth. It is also known as El Niņo Southern Oscillation (ENSO), which includes La Niņa, and consists of a powerful fluctuation of complex ocean currents. While oscillations occur naturally in oceans across the world, ENSO is ....
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Lewis Graham 
andom Points: Resolution Versus Precision: I Feel Inverted!
As we all know, a "Moore's Law" of the LIDAR hardware industry seems to be a doubling of data resolution every few years. In fact, resolutions have become so high that we may have to begin to modify how we treat LIDAR data (as well as point clouds derived from dense image matching) ....
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Ken Smerz 
The Business Of Laser Scanning: The Tipping Point
We're about to undergo another revolution in the 3d imaging industry. Most of the major hardware and/or software manufactures have already announced new products, or are about to. Leica's partnership with Autodesk and their new BLK360 is as revolutionary as FARO's ....
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