Table of Contents - LiDAR Magazine - Vol.8, No3 2018
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From The Editor: Unexpected Nuggets
This monthís editorial is a tad threadbare because I have been on a long vacation in Europe, but this was not without its lidar-related moments. For the first time since I was a child, I visited Culloden, the site of a battle in 1746 in which a dissenting minority of the Scots (mainly the ....
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LiDAR Remote Sensing and Applications
The authors of this short, newly published book are full professors, Dong at University of North Texas and Chen, University of Hawaii. Both earned BSc and MSc degrees in China then moved to North America for PhDs. Both have published widely on applications of remote sensing and ...
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P and Pixels 
Points & Pixels
Aerial mapping company Bluesky and Esri, the global leader in spatial analytics, have come together to offer a range of software, services and data to help telecoms companies roll-out the next generation of mobile and broadband services. A package of ArcGIS software, Esri UK ...
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Shawn Weisenburger 
Fusion of Sensor Data Advances Geospatial Technology
The steady climb up the slope of improving sensor technology is generating better geospatial solutions, especially in mobile mapping and machine control, and as a result, improving workflows, productivity and project outcomes ....
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Dr. Jason Stoker 
How ASPRS Helps Guide the Lidar Industry
The American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) is organized to be responsive to the various types of remote sensing and mapping technologies, and currently has seven professional divisions the Photogrammetric ....
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Airborne Lidar Flies High in Manitoba
The rising popularity of surveys using UAVs has led to great advances in photogrammetric techniques. Airborne lidar, however, still leads the way when it comes to collecting data across large geographical areas where elevation data ....
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Charting the Evolution of RIEGL Sensors and Systems
Over the last five decades, few can claim to have devoted more to the development of lidar technology than Dr. Johannes Riegl, founder and CEO of the RIEGL group. The miniVUX-1UAV is a recent example of his teamís unique insight and ability. Prior to founding his namesake firm ....
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Capturing the Past: Historic Livermore Winery Lives On
For more than a century now the 4-watt light bulb, called the Centennial Light, has been burning since it was first clicked on in 1901. Housed in the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department Station #6, it glows dimly, but still functions as a light bulb. The Livermore community has other ....
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Coastal Monitoring Project Provides Blueprint for Future Surveys
Though it happened almost 25 years ago, the dramatic collapse of Holbeck Hall Hotel in Scarborough, United Kingdom remains a pertinent reminder of just how unstable coastlines can be. In the weeks beforehand, cracks had been reported, but the subsequent landslide forced ....
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Lewis Graham 
Random Points: Convoluted Thinking
his month I was going to discuss how to fly and process LIDAR data for 27 cents per km2 but Allen (Cheves, the publisher) reminded me that I owe him part 2 of the neural networks discussion. Oh well, must save that processing secret for another time! Last month I provided a review ....
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