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RIEGL introduces RiPRECISION, a breakthrough software plugin for RIEGL's well- established mobile and airborne processing suite RiPROCESS. RiPRECISION simplifies the workflow in mobile data processing significantly, by fully automatic data analysis and adjustment of the raw trajectory to attain a perfectly aligned point cloud. This extremely fast, autonomous one-button-solution for mobile data processing is only one of the highlights at RIEGL's Intergeo appearance this year - meet us at booth I.10 in hall 7!


New Articles from Vol 2, No 5...
From The Editor: The Need for Mentoring
Welcome to the Fall edition of LiDAR Magazine. Whether you're reading this at home or work, print or digital, you may have noticed promotions for INTERGEO or GEOINT. These are key Fall shows for us, providing an opportunity to reach new readers and writers. INTERGEO, held ....
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The Most Important Part of Field Work
There are a number of challenges that you face when scanning in an active environment and it takes a technician skilled in both laser scanning and, as one of Dale Carnegie's books mentions, the ability to "win friends and influence people" I've ....
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Preserving the Past for Future Generations
In 2002, Ben Kacyra founded California-based nonprofit CyArk (archive.cyark.org) to apply accurate, portable laser-scanning technology to preserve the world's cultural heritage sites. This data is analyzed and made available for visualization in ArcGIS. Kacyra originally developed ....
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Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Remote Sensing and GIS Together at Last
Here?s a hypothetical situation that happens all too often. Sam has been tasked with developing a map of the floodplain of a local river to help insurance companies and other ....
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Viametris­?What's in a Name?
Small venues are like small communities: conveniently arranged, good-natured, and for the most part the opposite of being hectic. Such conditions are ideal to perhaps spot something unusual or interesting from the general stuff. This happened to me at the European LiDAR ....
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Utility Infrastructure Vegetation Management Using LiDAR, Imagery and GIS
Effectively managing utility infrastructure involves a balancing act of both human and financial resources. It is easy to preach about the concepts of infrastructure preservation, but the hard part is actually doing ....
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"We Are Now Part of ..."
Optech had chosen Nice for its latest User Meeting, located along the French Côte d'Azur between Monaco and Cannes. Less famous than the Promenade des Anglais--the boulevard stretching over three miles between airport and marina-- is Nice's charming medieval city center, in ....
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Accuracy, Precision and all That Jazz
I recently attended a Transportation Research Board subcommittee meeting where we were lamenting the fact that data that looked "real" (such as imagery and high density LIDAR data) lead the observer to make erroneous conclusions about its accuracy. This led the discussion in the ....
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Coordinates and BIM
Another scan to BIM modeling project is getting underway and I know it's just a matter of time before the monster rears its ugly head. It's so predictable, but it seems that no matter what I do to avoid it, no matter how hard I try to deal with it up front, the monster keeps ....
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The Business of Laser Scanning
Cash is King, But Long Term Cash Flow Rules. One of the single biggest challenges a laser scanning service provider--airborne, mobile, or terrestrial--faces is building long term cash flow that allows you to plan and fund your business. Many laser scanning companies have a ....
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Review of SOCET GXP v4.0
Airborne LiDAR is used in municipal planning, the utility industry, for forest assessment, coastal mapping...the list could go on. The short of it is that LiDAR is clearly no longer the niche technology it once was, yet LiDAR data in its purest form--the point cloud, has been inaccessible to many ....
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3D Industry Pioneers: Michael Raphael, CEO, Direct Dimensions
This kicks off the 3D Industry Pioneers column. I really did not have any trouble deciding who would be my first interview. Although there are many worthy candidates, I chose Michael Raphael the founder of Direct Dimensions. Michael was one of the early supporters of the ....
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