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Welcome to the first July issue of LiDAR News. As you are reading this I will be returning from the Esri Survey Summit and User Conference, which I can report had over 500 attend the joint conference with ACSM - the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. I think the BIG news was Esri will have native support for point clouds in ArcGIS 10.1. Look for it in Q1 2012.
I want to also make note of the recently published premier edition of LiDAR Magazine. Our plan is to publish this quarterly for this year. If you have any ideas on articles for the next edition please let me know.
The featured video in this issue is a short one, but it is so impressive in terms of the quantity of data that I wanted to highlight Mobile Mapping in Korea. The data was being collected at a rate of 1.3 million points per second!
Michael Olsen gets the Spotlight with an important notice about the newly formed ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) subcommittee - Spatial Data Applications and a LiDAR workshop they are sponsoring.
Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne explains how the need to process LiDAR data caught the leading GIS software companies by surprise. John Russo provides his insight on the challenges of pricing a building documentation project.
Our final article from Michael Raphael at Direct Dimensions highlights this firm's extensive experience in scanning and modeling aircraft where every surface detail counts.
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LiDAR News

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Whether it's for as-built documentation, crime/accident scene analysis, power and process applications, surveying, or others, 3D laser scanning technology is proving to create efficiencies and provide superior deliverables. Join us on July 19th for an in-depth look at the benefits of the technology, exploring an actual scanning project from start to finish, including a live modeling demonstration in AutoCAD. Register Now!

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Spatial Data Applications Committee and Upcoming LIDAR Workshop
The Geomatics Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has recently formed a new subcommittee, the Spatial Data Applications Committee. Recent articles in Professional Surveyor Magazine and the ASCE Journal of Surveying Engineering highlight the objectives of the ASCE Geomatics Division and its role within the civil engineering profession. So how does this relate to ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
Mobile Mapping in Korea
RIEGL VMX-250 & Camera System 6. This video shows data aquired with the VMX-250 during a demo tour. A reminder of how far LiDAR data processing has come. Imagine where we will be in 2 years ...
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New Articles from the LiDAR News team...
LiDAR Data Processing Drives Innovation and Increases Complexity: Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne ? My early coursework in GIS and remote sensing was during my undergraduate years at the University of New Hampshire in the mid-90s. The computers, cutting-edge Pentium 386 workstations, could only process what we would now consider to be ridiculously small ...
John Russo 
What Does It Cost to Create a BIM As-built? John Russo AIA ? What Does It Cost to Create a BIM As- built? Richard Rybka ? If you happen to be a service provider who documents buildings it probably won?t be long before you?re confronted with the inevitable question from a prospect, ?What does it cost to create a BIM as-built?? I?m usually asked this question with ...
Michael Raphael 
Laser Scanning Aircraft for CFD Analysis: Michael Raphael ? Last month?s contribution to LiDAR News featured our use of 3D laser scanning technology on the original Wright Brothers 1903 airplane to help NASA and other experts figure out how the Wright Bros. developed flight without the use of modern day computers. This month we come full circle and discuss our use of ...
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GeoDigital International is a worldwide leader in corridor and wide area digital mapping. With one of the largest fleet of LiDAR and digital imaging sensors in North America, GeoDigital can deliver the highest quality results under the most demanding conditions. From multiple data acquisition platforms to online geo-data delivery GeoDigital is focused on innovative, customer- driven solutions.

Think GeoDigital - We Provide a Better Point of View


StreetMapper Speeds Surveying of Bridges
Tiltan Announces Exclusive Sales Agreement with ITT VIS for TLiD Airborne LIDAR Data Processing Product
RIEGL VMX-250 Demo in Korea
Spatial Data Applications Committee and Upcoming LIDAR Workshop - ?Practical Applications of LIDAR?
MDL Launches New Website
ASPRS Announces Call for Nominees for the Outstanding Technical Achievement Award
Optech Announces Real-Time Point Cloud Interface for Lynx Mobile Mapper
Port Moresby from Space: new 50cm satellite imagery available
Iron Ore Mine Safety Assured with 3D Laser Mapping
Bluesky Launches SolAR Service
TerraTools 4.0.2 Released
European LiDAR Mapping Forum Sells 60% of Exhibit Stands in Just 4 Weeks
Laser Scanning Aircraft for CFD Analysis
Disruptive Technologies and Disruptive Organizations
Spatial Media Announces Launch of LiDAR Magazine
Precision Plastic Ball Co. now carries LiDAR Registration Spheres
ASPRS Feedback Instrumental in USGS Decision to Continue Providing Analog Camera Calibration Services
3D Laser Mapping Crash Investigations Help Reduce Traffic Congestion
Merrick Announces NERC Service Offering
Optech and Cardinal Systems Announce Joint Initiative
Fugro Awarded New South Wales Coastal Survey Project with New Fugro LADS MK 3 System
Why Mobile Mapping is Disruptive Technology
NVision Now Offering Product Defect Analysis
XYGO Maps Chile's Major Cities with IP-S2 LiDAR
Disruptive Technologies and Disruptive Organizations
Laser Scanning Aircraft for CFD Analysis
New Leica ScanStation C5: Scalable, Entry-level Laser Scanner
Bluesky 3D Model Supports Warrington?s Regeneration
Optech Wraps Up Successful Lidar Conference
Topcon?s IP-S2 is Winner of Gartner ?Cool Vendor? Award
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    Esri Survey Summit & Lightsquared
    Airborne Natural Gas Emission LiDAR ? ANGEL
    Esri Survey Summit and User Conference
    Mobile Mapping in Korea
    The LAS Room
    Point Cloud Visualization

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