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Welcome to the first August issue of LiDAR News. It's amazing to see the activity associated with LiDAR and laser scanning in contrast to the doom and gloom that seems to be everywhere in the news. It's like two different worlds, yet when one stops to think about it, firms are more willing and in some cases?like government transportation agencies that are being force to reduced head count?they must invest in information technology in order to have any hope of maintaining their level of service.
Vol1No1 We continue to receive very positive response on our recently published premier edition of LiDAR Magazine. This is the first magazine to exclusively serve the LiDAR and laser scanning industries so be sure to have a look, and if you have an interesting story to share please let me know. Click to see it >>> The next edition of LiDAR Magazine is well into the planning stages. We intend to publish in mid- September, just in time for INTERGEO, the world's largest trade fair for all things geo.
The featured video in this issue comes from SAAB. This glimpse into the future?titled Rapid 3D Mapping?makes one wonder how long it will take for this technology to migrate from the military to the commercial world.
The Spotlight this time goes to a new contributing author, Michael Gerlek. First of all, Welcome Michael, and second, I think you will find his perspectives on open source LiDAR software to be very timely and informative.
Richard Rybka explains that although mobile mapping systems have come a long way in terms of ease of use, that in fact, mission planning is still critical to a successful outcome. John Russo provides Part 1 of his revealing look into the combination of terrestrial mobile scanning with static applications.
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LiDAR News

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Open Source for LiDAR
It?s 2011 already and ?open source? isn?t the cool new buzzword it once was. The open source model is now mainstream: many of the websites you visit every day with Firefox would not exist without the Linux operating system and the Apache web server. In our own geospatial industry, most of the software packages we use are built with at least some open source components. But focusing in even narrower, what about our lidar community: are there open ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
For a captivating look into the future of what is coming to the commercial 3D world in the next few years have a look at this promotional video is all about data processing. ...
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New Articles from the LiDAR News team...
The Critical Importance of Mission Planning: Richard Rybka ? The speed and intensity with which mobile mapping systems can collect data over large areas has a tendency to relax people about pre- planning data collection runs. It's so easy to go out and collect data. But if you are in the mobile mapping business for profit, you need to make every minute and mile of your project ...
John Russo 
Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Scanning (TMLS) and Static Scanning Combined - Part 1: John Russo ? Much has been written, debated and discussed about the pros and cons of both Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Scanning - TMLS and Static Laser Scanning. This is especially evident in the world of transportation survey. However, less information seems to ...
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Velodyne Lidar Expands Global Reseller Network
2 Months Since the Launch of ELMF - Only 2 Exhibit Booths Remain!
Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Scanning (TMLS) and Static Scanning Combined - Part 1
Survey Solutions Scotland Joins Pointools Sales Partner Program in UK
Major Conference Supports Way Ahead for Collision Investigation - Fast track to 3D Laser Scanning
The Critical Importance of Mission Planning
BIM - It?s Not Just for New Builds, It?s for Life
Open Source for LiDAR
Non-Profit Organization Founded to Further Excellence of Building Documentation
Leica Geosystems Releases Leica RCD30 60MP Multispectral Camera
Leica Geosystems Announces the Release of the New ALS70 Family of Airborne LiDAR Systems
Depth Cyclorama Product Preview
Scanning for Solutions
Tackling Large Projects: From 10 to 10,000 scans
Royal Air Force Mildenhall, UK, Project Wins Honor Award
Mobile Positioning Systems
An Inside Look at a Mobile Data Collection Project
Don?t Make LiDAR Criminal
Optech Announces the Release of its YouTube Channel - OptechGlobal
A Visit to the Leica Geosystems Manufacturing Facility
Maptek Releases Vulcan 8.1 to Global Market
Bluesky Maps Potential for Free Electricity
StreetMapper Speeds Surveying of Bridges
Tiltan Announces Exclusive Sales Agreement with ITT VIS for TLiD Airborne LIDAR Data Processing Product
RIEGL VMX-250 Demo in Korea
What Does It Cost to Create a BIM As- built?
Spatial Data Applications Committee and Upcoming LIDAR Workshop - ?Practical Applications of LIDAR?
LiDAR Data Processing Drives Innovation and Increases Complexity
Disruptive Technologies and Disruptive Organizations
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