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Welcome to the end of November issue of LiDAR News. Hopefully everyone in the US enjoyed their Thanksgiving. We are in the process of assembling an article on the BIG laser scanning/LiDAR news stories of 2011 for the next LiDAR Magazine. Please provide your suggestions.
The ASPRS recently announced that LAS 1.4 had been adopted. As some readers know this was often a contentious debate with people outside the committee not in agreement with the draft version of the spec since it was not going to provide backward compatibility. There are 2 articles in this issue, one by Michael Gerlek and the other by the LAS Committee Chair Lewis Graham which provide greater insight on this issue. Please note that the final approved spec does support full compatibility.
As a member of ASTM International, one of the oldest standards organizations in the US I am a proactive advocate for the development of standards. A quick review of the history of ASTM reveals that it was Charles Dudley, a chemical engineer for the Pennsylvania Railroad, the largest corporation of the 19th century who was the driving force behind the founding of ASTM.
And it took a force, plus 20 years to convince people of the importance of standards. There was a lot of resistance. I won't say the laser scanning and LiDAR industry is resisting the adoption of standards, but I will say that it is not being supported as a priority, especially among the major vendors. ASTM is an all volunteer effort, and the volunteers are dwindling in the E57 3D Imaging Committee. Perhaps in the coming New Year you might consider supporting this effort. We can use your help.
The featured video in this issue comes from Viametris, a French firm that is using SLAM - simultaneous location and mapping technology to develop innovative mobile mapping solutions that do not require GNNS or INS. The Spotlight in this issue goes to guest author Greg Richards for an inside look at the game changing, research and development that went into the design of the award winning FARO Focus3D.
Mike Olsen highlights the works his students are doing with the Oregon Department of Transportation to evaluate and integrate their newly acquired mobile mapping system.
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Gene Roe, LS, PE, PhD
Managing Editor
LiDAR News

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Laser Scanning Goes Mainstream
Recognition by Popular Science magazine shows how far the technology has come, and where it?s headed. We use the term ?mainstream? in reference to many things; music, movies, news media and so on. It?s not often that you refer to a particular technology as mainstream, mainly because of the marketing dollars dedicated to consumer electronics. The prevalence of information available online and elsewhere makes it difficult to ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
Mobile Mapping Solutions
Viametris software solutions, for automatic identification of road signs, road markings and other feature in the form of MAGELAAN ...
Please drop a line if you have any questions or requests:
New Articles from the LiDAR News team...
Four ?Open? Specifications: Michael Gerlek ? Over the past few months, the widely-used LAS file format went through a revision process to make some incremental changes to the 1.3 version of the format. Considerable controversy surrounded one aspect of the proposed new 1.4 version, and the lidar community got to watch a very messy process play out on ...
ASPRS Approves LAS 1.4: Lewis Graham ? LAS (a three letter file extension concept from the DOS days) is a general point cloud file format designed primarily for data exchange. It is most commonly used for aerial and mobile LIDAR data. While it is not an indexed format (and hence not optimized for exploitation), it does include GPS time encoding, allowing correlation ...
Oregon DOT Demonstrates Mobile Laser Scanner to OSU Students: Michael Olsen ? Ron Singh, Dan Wright, and Mike Brinton from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Geometronics division provided a demonstration last week of their recently acquired mobile laser scan system to students at Oregon State University (OSU) for the new 3D laser scanning and imaging class ...
International LiDAR Mapping Forum

Long established as the premier LiDAR event, ILMF focuses on airborne and bathymetric LiDAR with a particular emphasis on mobile mapping systems.

International LiDAR Mapping Forum [ILMF]
23?25 January 2012
Denver, CO, USA


Blom Transforms Aerial Imaging Services with New Dual Capture Tools
LAS 1.4 Specification Approved by ASPRS Board
Merrick & Company Names David G. Huelskamp as President
VirtualGrid to Introduce Point Cloud Classification at AU 2011
GeoDigital Mobile Acquisition Platform (MAP) Filmed at GeoINT 2011
Real-World 3D Scanning Demonstrations Fascinate SPAR Europe 2011 Attendees
Hexagon Metrology invites users to the ?Hexagon 2012? International Conference
Hyundai Motor Accelerates Product Development with Rapidform 3D Scanning Software
To the Point: Why Bentley Acquired Pointools and What Users can Expect Next
Data Fusion
Ben Kacyra's TED Talk
FARO Announces New Solution for Publishing, Analyzing Scan Data Over The Internet
The Coordinate Metrology Society Releases CMSC 2011 Measurement Study Report
Bentley Makes Point Clouds Valuable Across Full Infrastructure Lifecycle Through Acquisition of Pointools Ltd
Geomagic Studio 2012 Provides Direct Link to SpaceClaim
LIDAR Best Practices: Part III ? Initial Office Processing
The Digital Preservation of Rani Ki Vav in India
Combined Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning of a Fault Scarp on Mt Hood, Oregon
Allpoint Systems Releases Automated Bridge Inventory Survey Solution
AVEVA Presents at the Nuclear New Build Forum 2011
kubit Will Preview its Latest Product VirtuSurv on SPAR Europe
Hexagon Metrology Relocates Michigan Precision Center
Pointools Software 3D Models Reconstruction of Russian Orthodox Church
Topo Analyst Software Review and PE&RS Highlight Article
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