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Welcome to the first April issue of LiDAR News. SPAR 2011 did not disappoint - it was a record breaker in terms of attendance and overall value. Next year's event is already booked into the same venue?The Woodlands (Houston, TX), April 15 - 18, 2012. I had the pleasure of meeting many of you, although I would have needed 2 or 3 clones to see and do it all. Many thanks to those who expressed their support for LiDAR News and the contributions that all on the team are making. It is very rewarding to receive these compliments.
The featured video this week comes from kubit who announced their new PointSense Plant for AutoCAD product at SPAR. kubit has decided to rely on the point cloud engine now being delivered in AutoCAD, allowing them to focus on vertical markets such as plant. On a related note, Autodesk announced that its PCG engine will be included in the next release of Revit. It will be interesting to see how that is implemented.
Fred Persi gets the Spotlight in this issue with his discussion on the explosion of data. As Fred points out, this was a recurring theme at SPAR. The numbers are truly staggering when looked at in total. That's why I'm advocating smarter scanners that collect more intelligent data.
Leading off this issue is a guest contributor, Cyn Rene' Whitfield, who discusses the importance of control in achieving the required level of accuracy. Whitfield says it's not just the fact that you have control on your mobile project, you also have to know where to place it.
Mike Olsen joins forces with Georgia Fotopoulos to recap a SPAR session that focused on attracting the younger generation to our industry. There were a number of academic programs represented. This is a serious issue facing a number of professions. 3D is cool, but most of the survey education programs in the US are still in the 2D world. I would like to encourage everyone to reach out to your local college or tech school and offer to at least provide a 1 hour seminar.
Richard Rybka provides his insight into why mobile scanning data is so desirable. As we all know it's becoming a 3D graphics world and one of the most cost effective platforms for collecting that data is mobile LiDAR?we just have to figure out how to manage all that data!
In the fourth installment of his series on transmission line management, Lewis Graham cautions that in most cases the utility customer is not familiar with LiDAR data. Furthermore, the clearance analysis workflows require that the engineer pay close attention to the details of how the lines are connected to the insulators and to the modeling of sag. If we are not careful to educate the customer LiDAR may not live up to its potential.
John Russo wraps things up with his well thought out and passionate pitch to develop what he is calling the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation. This group of professionals is not covered by any other organization. They possess a unique set of skills and John would like to see that recognized. I support him on this.
I want to continue to encourage you take a few minutes to list your firm in our Resource Directory, and don't forget to send us your white papers and product videos. We want to help you to be noticed.
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Gene Roe, LS, PE, PhD
Managing Editor
LiDAR News

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Awash in Data
Recently I attended the SPAR Conference on laser scanning. It's exciting to see new innovations and to talk with practitioners about their experiences, successes and challenges. I noticed a recurring theme that echoed from all corners. Many hardware and software vendors, service providers and end users indicate that we are on the brink of a data explosion, and that dealing with huge volumes of information will soon become a major focus ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
kubit PointSense Plant Product Preview
Automating piping design from point cloud data. A product preview at the new piping and plant design functionality available in PointSense Plant from kubit. Pattern recognition tools for routing pipe runs ....
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New Articles for April, 2011 from the LiDAR News team...
Marketing Accuracy ? Under Control : Cyn Rene' Whitfield ? Attending over 300 conferences in the past seven years, and talking to thousands of surveyors, a trend has become increasingly evident concerning the major players in the 3D world. I am not referring to the premier technology sharing conferences such as ILMF, SPAR and the ESRI User Conference as ...
Engaging Youth at SPAR 2011 : Michael Olsen and Georgia Fotopoulos ? A new topic introduced at SPAR 2011 was the Engaging Youth session which highlighted the opportunities and avenues for introducing exciting 3D technologies to the next generation of young professionals. The Navajo Technology College, Oregon State University, and the University ...
Richard Rybka 
The Appeal of 3D Mobile Mapping Data : Richard Rybka ? What is the appeal? Why are the deliverables from these mobile mapping systems so much more desirable than what we are accustomed to expect using conventional data collection methodologies? Here are a few of the distinctive advantages: 1. More data - conventional data collection techniques, even with the fastest ...
LIDAR for Electric Transmission Modeling ? Part IV : Lewis Graham ? In this article I will primarily focus on Transmission Vegetation Management (TVM) Programs (TVMP) as a driver for transmission line operators acquiring LIDAR data. While the data collected for line rerating and TVM are similar, more data must be collected for TVM work. LIDAR as a base data source for ...
John Russo 
The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation : John Russo ? As an architect with over twenty- seven years of experience in building survey and documentation, I have come to realize that the profession of building documentation in the United States is lacking a national organization to help promote, guide and support this industry. As the means and methods ...
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3D Laser Mapping Delivers UK?s First Long Range Laser Scanner
Mine Surveys in Less Than Half the Time with Maptek Mobile Scanning
LIDAR for Electric Transmission Modeling ? Part IV
Optech Announces Teledyne Minority Stake
The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation
The Appeal of 3D Mobile Mapping Data
Marketing Accuracy ? Under Control
Awash in Data (Part I)
Quantapoint Signs Reseller and Distribution Agreement with FARO
The City Overcomes Complex Data Interoperability Challenges to Develop an Integrated Water and Sewer Geodatabase
Engaging Youth at SPAR 2011
Leica Geosystems announces Forensic Track for Geosystems @ Hexagon 2011
An Overview of Mobile (Lidar) Mapping
kubit Press Conference:
MDL to Deliver Pointools Software with Every New 3D Laser Scanner
kubit announces release of ?PointSense Plant? for AutoCAD at Spar 2011
LiDAR for Wind and Electric
Mandli's Integrated LiDAR System
Velodyne to Demo HDL-32E LiDAR Sensor at SPAR 2011
ClearEdge3D Launches Edgewise Plant
ASTM E57 Events at SPAR
Defense GameTech Users' Conference in Orlando, FL
LiDAR Services International Takes Delivery of New Riegl Airborne Scanner
US Institute of Building Surveyors
3D Professional Trade Association
Tsunami Planning and LiDAR
BIM, VDC and the Freedom Tower
Sewall Selects GEOCUE for LiDAR Workflow
BP Wants to Laser Scan the Blowout Preventer
Stonehenge Follow Up
Laser Scanning Stonehenge
Optech Announces Keynote Speakers for ILSC 2011
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    Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference

    Optech Incorporated?s second annual ILSC will be held in Toronto on May 31 - June 3, 2011. ILSC 2011 represents an open forum for industry professionals to discuss best practices and explore real-world lidar solutions.

    Topics of special interest will include new methods for maximizing project accuracies, application-specific sensor designs, and exploring the challenges of delivering data to a dynamic spatial-information marketplace.

    CAD Models vs. Building Information Models
    Automated Scene Interpretation
    Laser Scanner Rentals
    An Introduction to Laser Scanning
    SPAR 2011 Recap
    Virtual Augusta Produced with Laser Scanning
    Creating 3-D Models with a Cell Phone
    SPAR 2011 Day 3
    Day 2 at SPAR 2011
    Day 1 at SPAR 2011
    SPAR 2011 Opens

    This section is an update about LiDAR conferences, training, seminars, webinars and other relevant events. Feel free to make a suggestion for future consideration.
    ASPRS 2011 Annual Conference ? Milwaukee, Wisconsin: May 1 - 5
    FARO 3-D Documentation Conference ? Essen, Germany: May 17 - 18
    Optech Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference - Toronto: May 31-June 3
    Inaugural Hexagon 2011 International Conference - Orlando, FL: June 7-9
    earthmine Partner Conference - Berkeley, California: July 7-8
    Surveying and Geomatic Educators Society Biannual Conference ?
       MayagŁez, Puerto Rico: July 19-22
    Laser Scanning 2011 ? Calgary, Alberta, Canada: August 29 - 31
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