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Welcome to the second April issue of LiDAR News. I want to call your attention to a number of recent comments concerning LiDAR News blog posts on laser scanning industry training and measurement science. A number of important points have been made about the responsibility of the end users of laser scanning to understand the measurement science that they are applying and how it is a real challenge to get the essential training needed to become a professional in today's marketplace.
The two are obviously linked and I believe there is a real need to address these issues. This is why I think Ken Smerz (and John Russo) is on the right track with the idea of building a 3D professional organization.
I am going to be attending the FIATECH Technology Conference and Showcase next week in Chandler, Arizona. As it will be my first FIATECH conference be sure to check out the LiDAR News blog and Twitter for conference updates. Tad Fry and I will be presenting on the recently approved ASTM E57 data interoperability standard in the hope of encouraging this influential organization's membership to require its use on their capital projects.
In addition to ASPRS 2011 (Milwaukee, May 1st-5th), and the Optech LiDAR Solutions Conference (Toronto, May 31st-June 3rd), we're gearing up for Hexagon 2011 (June 6th- 9th, in Orlando). This event will house the annual Leica HDS user conference, in addition to all the latest and greatest from the Geosystems, Intergraph and ERDAS groups. LiDAR news subscribers will receive a registration discount offer via e-mail, shortly. You can still take advantage of early bird rates.
The featured video this week comes from the folks at Direct Dimensions. It's an elegant building CAD model fly-through which appears quite clean and simple, but as Michael Raphael, founder and President notes, "was a lot of work". As Mark Twain said about his writing, "If I had more time, I could have made it shorter".
Stephen Clancy gets the Spotlight in this issue with Knowing Your Limitations, an important article about lessons learned in the 1.5 years since Baker has been in the Mobile LiDAR business. From manhole inverts, to bare earth DTMs with tall grassy vegetation, to parked cars along the curb, both the operators and the customers have to understand the limitations of the technology.
Leading off this issue is a guest contributor, Sean MacFaden, who works with Jarlath O'Neil- Dunne as a research specialist at the University of Vermont (UVM) Spatial Analysis Laboratory. Sean provides a detailed analysis of how airborne LiDAR is being used in urban environments such as New York City to accurately map the tree canopy. They use a powerful data fusion approach that combines LiDAR with orthophotography to produce superior results.
Michael Raphael provides a recap of an urban renewal project involving an historic reservoir in New Jersey. At one time the reservoir provided drinking water to Ellis Island, the location where many of our ancestors entered this country. The site was abandoned in the 1980's, but a group of local citizens convinced the powers to be to declare it an "urban oasis" and it is now being restored with the help of Direct Dimensions.
David Ward teams up with Jeremy Hale from I-cubed to discuss the impact of "the cloud" on geospatial data storage and services. As we read in the last issue of LiDAR News data volumes are exploding, with the increasing use of LiDAR only adding fuel to the fire. At the same time the cloud is offering breakthrough cost savings to those who are savvy enough to turn it into their advantage. Joe Croser completes this issue with a visit to Mont Orgueil Castle on the Channel Island of Jersey. Built in the 13th Century the castle has a rich history of being the front line of defence (as Joe prefers) for England. Thanks to 3D laser scanning it is being preserved for future generations to enjoy.
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Best regards,
Gene Roe, LS, PE, PhD
Managing Editor
LiDAR News

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Knowing your Limitations
Any time a new technology - whether hardware or software makes its way onto the market and into our tool box, we are always quick to determine what it does and how it works. We take our new shiny toy around and shop it to our clients and tell them all the great things that it does ? how it will save them money, help them do something great or change the game. Equally (if not even more so) important, we should also know the limitations of our ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
3-D CAD Model Fly-through
Direct Dimensions captured the 3D laser scan data using both their FARO "Photon" and Basis Software "Surphaser" scanners. They use both scanners regularly. The 3D CAM model was created with ....
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New Articles for April, 2011 from the LiDAR News team...
LiDAR-based Tree-canopy Mapping for New York City: Sean McFaden ? In previous articles, my colleague Jarlath O?Neil-Dunne has described the value of high-resolution LiDAR for tree-canopy mapping efforts in urban environments. Shadows created by buildings can obscure trees in passive- sensor satellite or aerial imagery, making delineation and classification of these features ...
Michael Raphael 
Laser Scanning an Urban Historical Site for Renewal Planning: Michael Raphael ? Some of the more rewarding aspects of our work with advanced 3D laser scanning technologies are the projects that help improve the quality of life within our society. At Direct Dimensions we often get called upon to work on such kinds of projects in many different capacities. This month we ...
David Ward 
The Cloud in Your Future? What It Really Means to You: David Ward and Jeremy Hale ? It seems that on almost a daily basis we are seeing articles about ?the cloud.? Dell recently announced that it is investing $1 billion in ten new data centers. The same day IBM announces a cloud initiative that they project will bring in $15 billion in revenue. The cloud efforts by Amazon ...
Joe Croser 
Rediscovering History by Documenting the Present with 3D Laser Scanners : Joe Croser ? For hundreds of years Mont Orgueil Castle on the Channel Island of Jersey was England?s frontline defence against armies from continental Europe. Built in the early 13th Century, the castle has endured a life of change from castle to prison, to spy station, and to seat of ...
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Quantapoint Signs Reseller and Distribution Agreement with FARO
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Engaging Youth at SPAR 2011
Leica Geosystems announces Forensic Track for Geosystems @ Hexagon 2011
An Overview of Mobile (Lidar) Mapping
kubit Press Conference:
MDL to Deliver Pointools Software with Every New 3D Laser Scanner
kubit announces release of ?PointSense Plant? for AutoCAD at Spar 2011
LiDAR for Wind and Electric
Mandli's Integrated LiDAR System
Velodyne to Demo HDL-32E LiDAR Sensor at SPAR 2011
ClearEdge3D Launches Edgewise Plant
ASTM E57 Events at SPAR
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    Optech Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference - Toronto: May 31-June 3
    Hexagon 2011 International Conference - Orlando, FL: June 6-9
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    Optech Incorporated?s second annual ILSC will be held in Toronto on May 31 - June 3, 2011. ILSC 2011 represents an open forum for industry professionals to discuss best practices and explore real-world lidar solutions.

    Topics of special interest will include new methods for maximizing project accuracies, application-specific sensor designs, and exploring the challenges of delivering data to a dynamic spatial-information marketplace.

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