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Welcome to the first May issue of LiDAR News. As you read this I will be attending the ASPRS annual conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I hope to see many of you there.
The recent FIATECH Technology Conference and Showcase was a very educational and inspiring event. This is the future of the AEC industry. Tad Fry and I presented on the recently approved ASTM E57 data interoperability standard in the hope of encouraging this influential organization's membership to require its use on their capital projects.
The featured video this week comes from the Swedish Transport Authority who has unveiled their long range plans to make extensive use of Mobile LiDAR throughout the entire country. They certainly deserve a lot of credit for developing this vision and clearly setting their course for the future.
Michael Olsen gets the Spotlight in this issue with our first book review. Mike used Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning, edited by Vosselman and Maas as the text in his LiDAR course at Oregon State University this spring. Sounds like a very valuable reference for all of us - from novice to expert.
Leading off this issue is Lewis Graham with the 5th in his series on the application of LiDAR technology to improved management of power line transmission assets. In this article he stresses the importance of education on the part of the consumer as well as the provider.
John Russo explains how using spherical targets created some unexpected results, and the tricks they used to solve the problem.
Jason Amadori from DTS/EarthEye is our guest contributor for this issue. (This reminds me, please let me know if you would like to submit an article.) Jason complements Lewis Graham's series of articles by providing additional details on how utilities can leverage their investment in LiDAR to better manage their assets as well as risk.
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LiDAR News

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Laser Scanning Book Review
This month, I would like to review the recently published (Summer 2010) book "Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning", edited by Vosselman and Maas. No, I wasn?t paid to do this review (although I probably should have asked for a check!). I used this as the text book for my Digital Terrain Modeling class this year, which I think helped me to greatly improve the course from its first offering in Winter 2010. Overall, I strongly recommend this text for ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
Swedish Transport Authority Goes Mobile
The citizens of Sweden are going to benefit from a long range plan to use mobile LiDAR as the preferred 3D mapping technology throughout the entire country. The objective is to provide project engineers and ....
Please drop a line if you have any questions or requests:
New Articles for May, 2011 from the LiDAR News team...
LIDAR for Electric Transmission Modeling ? Part V: Lewis Graham ?This is the fifth installment of our series on applying LIDAR to the disciplines of transmission line rerating and vegetation management. In the four previous articles, we laid the foundation for the regulatory drivers as well as the opportunity afforded to LIDAR operators. In the last article I cautioned ...
John Russo 
?Wow, that?s weird. We?ve never encountered that??: John Russo ? If you?ve been scanning for any length of time, you?re bound to come across some pretty interesting things. This was the case for my team not too long ago. As a service provider focused primarily on building documentation, we receive a lot of requests to perform above ceiling plenum surveys for the purpose of ...
Jason Amadori 
Getting the Most from Your LiDAR Investment: Jason Amadori ? So, you?ve collected your entire transmission network using LiDAR, built your PLS-CADD models and identified your encroachments ? what?s next? How about leveraging that data to manage the work activities required to upgrade/maintain your transmission network? We have all heard about Asset Management and ...
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The NOAA Coastal Services Center Updates LiDAR Holdings
Creaform Releases New VXtrack Dynamic Tracking Module at CONTROL 2011
ASPRS 2011 and Mobile Mapping Systems Committee
New Release of Quick Terrain Modeler
Piping the Point Cloud
FME Delivers New Opportunities to Maximize the Value of LiDAR Data
LIDAR for Electric Transmission Modeling ? Part V
The OGC Seeks Participants for 3D Portrayal Interoperability Experiment
1st International Specialist and User Forum for 3D-Documentation
Optech to host aerial digital camera workshop at ASPRS
3D Laser Mapping Expands Sales Team with New Appointment
DDI - 3D laser scanned building CAD model fly-thru
Rediscovering History by Documenting the Present with 3D Laser Scanners
Riegl VMX 250 Mobile LiDAR System
Knowing your Limitations
The Cloud in Your Future? What It Really Means to You
Laser Scanning an Urban Historical Site for Renewal Planning
LiDAR-based Tree-canopy Mapping for New York City
Calibrated Images in Point Cloud Data Sets Contribute Directly to the Bottom Line
FARO and Laserscanning-Europe Team up on PointCab Software Distribution
3D Laser Mapping Delivers UK?s First Long Range Laser Scanner
Mine Surveys in Less Than Half the Time with Maptek Mobile Scanning
LIDAR for Electric Transmission Modeling ? Part IV
Optech Announces Teledyne Minority Stake
The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation
The Appeal of 3D Mobile Mapping Data
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    Topcon's IP- S2 Mobile Mapping System overcomes the challenges of mapping 3D features at a high level of accuracy. Accurate vehicle positions are obtained using three technologies: a dual frequency GNSS receiver establishes a geospatial position; an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) provides vehicle attitude; and connection to the vehicle CAN bus or external wheel encoders obtains odometry information. Click here for more information

    Mobile Mapping the City of Charleston, WV
    ASPRS 2011 and Mobile Mapping Systems Committee
    Vessel-Based Mobile Laser Scanning
    Encasing Chernobyl Video
    FME Webinar ? Take Control of Your LiDAR Data
    3D Laser Scanned Water Pipe Inspection
    Laser Scanning Christchurch Rockfalls
    LiDAR Used to Map 3-D Habitat

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    ASPRS 2011 Annual Conference ? Milwaukee, Wisconsin: May 1 - 5
    FARO 3-D Documentation Conference ? Essen, Germany: May 17 - 18
    Optech Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference - Toronto: May 31-June 3
    Hexagon 2011 International Conference - Orlando, FL: June 6-9
    earthmine Partner Conference - Berkeley, California: July 7-8
    Surveying and Geomatic Educators Society Biannual Conference ?
       MayagŁez, Puerto Rico: July 19-22
    Laser Scanning 2011 ? Calgary, Alberta, Canada: August 29 - 31
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    Innovative LiDAR Solutions Conference

    Optech Incorporated?s second annual ILSC will be held in Toronto on May 31 - June 3, 2011. ILSC 2011 represents an open forum for industry professionals to discuss best practices and explore real-world lidar solutions.

    Topics of special interest will include new methods for maximizing project accuracies, application-specific sensor designs, and exploring the challenges of delivering data to a dynamic spatial-information marketplace.

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