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If you have been following my In the Scan blog or Twitter you may know that I recently attended Trimble Dimensions in Las Vegas and the Bentley Systems Be Inspired Awards extravaganza in Amsterdam. There is certainly a connection between the two cities, but more importantly now between these two companies.
In case you missed it, Bentley and Trimble have agreed to create a strategic alliance to enable ?intelligent positioning? for large infrastructure project sites. From what I have seen, 3D control points will be placed into the design files to assist with the placement of components during construction. The potential for Trimble and Bentley to collaborate is significant.
I think you will find the breadth and quality of the articles in this edition of the magazine to be outstanding. Print subscriptions are available here. If you have a submission idea, please don't hesitate to contact me. In the meantime, enjoy, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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From the Editor: Transportation Initiatives
Over the past couple of months I have become aware of 2 transportation related initiatives that I think are important to bring to your attention as they demonstrate the increasing drive toward the use of 3D technologies and the opportunity that is being created ....
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Bill Gutelius 
Airborne Lidar Bathymetry?Sea, Shore and More
Over the past year there has been a number of announcements and industry news coverage of advances and innovations in airborne lidar bathymetry (ALB, also referred to as "bathy" lidar). In mulling over the interesting developments, I wondered if the current ALB growth path is on a ....
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Brian Bailey 
A New Way to Control Mobile LiDAR Data
Survey control has always been a critically important issue when conducting mobile LiDAR surveys. While the accuracies currently being achieved with the most capable mobile LiDAR systems are unprecedented, the use of a control network established ....
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Chris Cromarty 
Revealing Secrets of the Angkor Civilization Using Airborne LiDAR Technology
In the first ever project of its kind in South East Asia, PT McElhanney Indonesia acquired LiDAR and digital aerial photography in order to map Angkor Wat and other ancient ....
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Michael J. Olsen 
Scannin' in the Wind
Early on the morning of May 9, 2012, Oregon State University--OSU's Civil Engineering Geomatics Lab teamed up with a research team from the USGS to perform terrestrial scanning for ecological research for a small section (approximately 100m x 100m) of rocky coast at Cape Arago, Oregon ....
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Karen Richardson 
A Technology Trifecta?LiDAR, BIM, and GIS Converge
Milwaukee is the 26th largest city in the United States, and its regional wastewater system is among the largest, most innovative, and well run in the country. In 1926, its Jones Island wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) became the first facility to produce fertilizer as the by- product of ....
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John M. Russo 
Challenges of Rapid Mobilization
As a scanning service provider my firm Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) constantly struggles with the ups and downs of project opportunities coming in the door. It seems that there are either too many or too few, rarely just the right amount to keep our crews going steady. I'm ....
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Faraz Ravi 
Point Clouds and a Year at Bentley
It was almost a year ago now that my company, Pointools, was acquired by Bentley Systems. A lot has happened since then, but the activity and enthusiasm around point clouds continues unabated here at Bentley. The commitment to enable point cloud workflows for our users is as ....
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J. Ryan Rembert 
MB-System: An Open-source Bathymetric Processing Solution
LiDAR has long been a fast and cost-effective means for visualizing the surface of the ocean floor, but while the shape of the seafloor can be accurately found, depths are usually shallower than they are in reality--a very critical aspect when mapping harbor channels for navigation ....
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Lewis Graham 
Random Points: Back to Photogrammetry?
In about 1822, the French mathematician Joseph Fourier invented the Fourier transform (as a tool to solve the heat equation). This theory provided, among other things, a method for transforming variables from the spatial domain to the spatial frequency domain (or, as is commonly ....
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Gene Roe 
3D Industry Pioneers: Geoff Jacobs, Senior VP for Leica Geosystems
For my second interview Geoff Jacobs, Senior Vice President for Leica Geosystems HDS has kindly agreed to participate. I have known Geoff since my earliest days in the 3D laser scanning business. As you will learn, he is truly one of the pioneers in this industry and although he would have ....
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Ken Smerz 
Laser Scanning: The Future is So Bright, We've Gotta Wear Shades
With the recent election results in the books, is the U.S. now headed toward economic recovery or disaster? Arguments can be made for both, but one thing is certain, laser scanning and 3D modeling will continue rapid expansion in spite of what happens to the economy. Here's some evidence to ....
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