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Not sure how many of you have been following the PBS Time Scanners series and although you may question some of the engineering themes there is no disputing that it is educating the general public in a big way about the value of 3D laser scanning. Be sure to take a look.
On a similar note, I had the honor of being interviewed and quoted by Nick Shchetko from the Wall Street Journal for his article on the cost of LiDAR being a hurdle to its widespread use in self-driving cars. As Geoff Zeiss's Spotlight article points out 3D intelligent highways are also going to be a needed piece of the puzzle. The mass market is gradually becoming aware of LiDAR and laser scanning.
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Autonomous Vehicles Drive Intelligent Digital Highways?
The human toll from highway accidents is immense. It has been estimated that a total of 3,551,332 motor vehicle deaths have occurred in the United States from 1899 to 2012. Every year there are an estimated 1.2 million deaths worldwide in automobile collisions - over 30,000 in the U.S., over 240,000 in India, over 270,000 in China. Autonomous vehicles have the potential to dramatically reduce the carnage on ...

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University of Michigan 3D Museum
Researchers at the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology have launched a website that displays hundreds of 3-D images of the bones of mammoths ...
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New Articles from the LiDAR News team...
The PDAL Project: Michael Gerlek ? Six months ago in this column, I described libLAS, an open source C++ library that provides classes for reading and writing the various versions and point formats of the LAS standard. At the time, we noted that it wasn?t sufficient for everyone?s needs: it was designed around the LAS format specifically, it didn?t offer a general processing pipeline ...
The Importance of Written Communication: Mick Cunningham ? The last article that I wrote talked about how as an architect I spend most of my time developing budgets and drafting proposals, rather than actually designing and drawing. What I neglected to say was that I really spend most of my time these days on written communication. Sometimes it takes the form ...
LIDAR Best Practices: Part III ? Initial Office Processing: Lewis Graham ? In the previous installment, we examined the field operations associated with planning and acquiring a LIDAR (and possibly imagery) mission. We place great emphasis on step by step quality checks and the importance of developing and rigorously following written procedures. W. Edwards Demming, the father ...
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LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 4 (May/June)
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Pelydryn Ltd. Invests in Chiroptera II for Cost Efficient High Quality Shallow Water Data Acquisition
Double Maptek Scholarship Win for Adelaide Mining Engineering Students
Former Super Bowl Champion Running for Congress to Keynote MAPPS Summer Conference
National Showcaves of Wales Mapped Using ZEB1 Hand Held Laser Scanner
Market Potential of Open Geodata ?Bringing Business Along?
NM Group Acquires an Optech Orion C300 as their 4th Optech Lidar System
Will Autonomous Vehicles Drive Intelligent Digital Highway Models?
University of Michigan 3D Museum
The Importance of Written Communication
Safer Communities, Stronger Economies - In 3D
RIEGL USA to Exhibit at IAI?s 99th International Educational Conference
Hexagon Acquires Vero Software
Optech Sponsoring Golf Event at MAPPS 2014 Summer Conference
Mapping with Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) ? Reno Symposium
UAS and Emerging Markets to be Buzz of MAPPS Summer Conference
NASA Kicks Off Field Campaign to Probe Ocean Ecology, Carbon Cycle
KBM, Inc. Expands Aerial Mapping Services with Leica
AutonomouStuff Provides Demonstration at Automated Vehicles Symposium
Mesa County Obtains Authorization to Operate Trimble's UAS
MAPPS Commends Action on Legislation to Inventory Federal Land
Live Technology Demonstrations and Open House on Optech?s UAV Day
Horizons Upgrade Takes Asset Management to Next Level
Maptek I-Site Studio 5.0 Boosts Survey Workflow and Productivity
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    Oregon Cities Partner on LiDAR Data Collection
    LiDAR Used to Quantify Carbon Stored in Hedgerows
    USGS to Host Briefing: Safer Communities, Stronger Economies ? in 3D
    Cost of LiDAR Sensors an Issue for Driverless Market
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