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It's hard to believe, but we are in the last month of the summer. I don't count September. A very successful business person that I was once partners with liked to tell me that he made all of his money for the year after Labor Day. That would be nice. Just a quick note to congratulate Justin Barton, a frequent contributor to LiDAR News on his new position with Leica GeoSystems.
If you are looking for something different Ashley Richter is part of a new initiative called Open Access Antiquarianism. As the name implies she is working to make digital preservation data in its raw form available to the public via many mediums, including fabric and furniture. It's an ambitious and exciting project as she explains in her article. Kudos for thinking way outside the box.
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Make Time for Stickier Presentations
We?ve all been there. An important customer meeting has finally been scheduled, and a presentation is needed. As usual, you feel there?s a lot of information to be communicated. The outline is rote. You have files upon files of other similar presentations. Simply pick a few charts from here, and a few more from there. Pretty soon, a deck of more than 30 slides is in place. The title chart just needs to be updated, and a bit of shuffling is ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
The Aurora Extreme Heavy Lifter
the first custom built quad copter designed to carry Snoopy for a sufficient time to do a commercial-sized scanning project with 30+ minute flight times ...
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New Articles from the LiDAR News team...
An Archaeological Art Project Involving LiDAR Fabric: Ashley Richter & Vid Petrovic ? We are pleased to announce the start of a new initiative, Open Access Antiquarianism. It is intended to explore technology development for heritage, the accessibility of 3D data, visualization as outreach, and the use of creative mediums to push the boundaries of development for laser ...
Mobile LIDAR Guidelines (NCHRP 15-44) E-learning Website: Michael Olsen ? In early 2013 the Mobile LIDAR Guidelines were released by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) to aid with the cost- effective adoption of mobile LIDAR for transportation agencies. These guidelines build on an analysis of current and emerging applications including project planning, project ...
LIDAR Best Practices: Part IV ? Initial Classification of Ground: Lewis Graham ? In the previous installment, we examined the process of rigorous geometric correction of LIDAR data. It is advisable to fully correct the data and perform a project "readiness review" prior to moving on to data classification. While it is possible to perform classification prior to final geometric ...
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 5 (July/August)
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LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 4 (May/June)
? Privacy ? Gatekeeper ? Congress ? Penn State ? Archaeology ? Photogrammetry ? Enforcement ? Brussels ? Level of Accuracy ? UAS ? Angola ? Pegasus ? Preservation ? Mobile Phone ? Forests ? CW LiDAR ? Galileo ? Jim Van Rens ? Geoverse ? Volumetric ? Millions ...and more!
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 3 (April)
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LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 2 (March)
? Democratization ? Hurricane Sandy ? ISO Implementation ? CAD and GIS Integration ? Dead Reckoning ? Alaska?s North Slope ? Wildfire Risk Analysis ? MEMS Scanning ? 3D GeoPDF Maps ? Ted Knaak ? Labor is the Business ? Third Dimension ...and more!
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EUROGI?s ?imaGIne: Opportunities Everywhere? Conference in Berlin
Call for Papers! Deadline: 3 Weeks!
Learn Mobile Lidar - Mobile LIDAR Guidelines (NCHRP 15-44) E-learning Website
SPAR Point Group Announces Free Webinar Series on Building Documentation
The Aurora
3D Laser Mapping Launches Automated Stockpile Volume Solution
Yotta Partners FM Conway to Deliver Multi Million Pound Westminster Contract
Updated Elevation Data Inventory Now Available
Leddar? Sensing Module Wins Gold for Best New Product
Blue Marble Webinars for August 2014
Global Mapper Software Training Coming to Calgary
Velodyne's 3D LiDAR Sensor Enables Embry-Riddle RoboBoat Take First Place
Optech Providing Advanced Lidar Sensor for OSIRIS-REx Asteroid
Keystone Aerial Surveys, Inc. Leadership Transition
RIEGL USA to Exhibit at the Florida Annual Conference
Neptec Technologies and Peck Tech Consulting Launch Joint Venture
eGPS Solutions Strengthens Survey Support with Addition of Leica
Drawing Your Attention to an Archaeological Art Project Involving LiDAR Fabric
International LiDAR Mapping Forum Announces Call for Papers for 2015 Event
Pelydryn Ltd. Invests in Chiroptera II
Double Maptek Scholarship Win for Adelaide Mining Engineering Students
Former Super Bowl Champion Running for Congress
National Showcaves of Wales Mapped Using ZEB1 Hand Held Laser Scanner
Market Potential of Open Geodata ?Bringing Business Along?
NM Group Acquires an Optech Orion C300 as their 4th Optech Lidar System
Will Autonomous Vehicles Drive Intelligent Digital Highway Models?
University of Michigan 3D Museum
The Importance of Written Communication
Safer Communities, Stronger Economies - In 3D
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    Lidar Key to RoboBoat Winner?s Design
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    DIAL From a UAS
    $94 Million for LiDAR

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