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I wanted to make you aware of an important opportunity to positively influence the future of the geomatics profession. A group of us are working on identifying the top five to ten applied research needs for our industry. As you can see in the comments to a recent blog post on this topic the ideas are starting to come in.
On the business side, I re-connected after some 40 years with a long time friend, Jack Vincent who has been literally writing the book on what it takes to be more effective at selling products and services - a skill for which we can always use advice. Let us know what you think.
The October edition of LIDAR Magazine is set to release at InterGEO (Berlin) and the CyArk 500 Annual Summit (Washington, D.C.). If you plan to attend either event and would like to meet up, just drop us a line.
Best regards,
Gene Roe, LS, PE, PhD
Managing Editor
LiDAR News

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CyArk 500 Annual Summit: Washington, D.C., Oct 7-8

As part of the CyArk 500 Challenge, the CyArk 500 Annual Summit brings together cultural heritage, technology, and philanthropy leaders from around the world to share experiences and best methods for capturing, disseminating and archiving information about heritage sites, particularly those at risk. The 2014 Summit will provide an update on the progress towards the CyArk 500 as well as presentations from leaders on democratizing cultural heritage.

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My First Experience with Laser Scanning
Before I discuss the details of the recent field work I completed in Christchurch, New Zealand, I will give a little background about myself. I grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon and have lived in Oregon my entire life. It made sense to attend Oregon State University as I was aspiring to become a Civil Engineer. After completing my Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering at Oregon State, I decided to continue my academic education and ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
Introduction to Laser Scanning
Part 1 of a 3 part series introducing 3D laser scanning describing common applications, benefits, types of deliverables, options that users have for ...
Please drop a line if you have any questions or requests:
European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF)

European LiDAR Mapping Forum (ELMF), taking place 8-10 December, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a technical conference & exhibition focused on data acquisition, fusion, processing & point clouds for airborne, terrestrial and underwater LiDAR used to support transport, urban modelling, coastal zone mapping, utility asset management and more. Visit >>

New Articles from the LiDAR News team...
Sales, Love & Getting Your Prospects To Put Skin In The Game: Jack Vincent ? Whether you?ve finally landed a date with that long-time crush or are courting an ideal customer, do you find that you usually do all the heavy lifting in progressing the relationship? There?s a huge upside to getting the prospect to put skin in the game! A friend of mine had been dating a divorced ...
The Need for Taking Care When Pursuing Large Project Opportunities: Mick Cunningham ? I?ve written previously about budget development and proposal drafting, but thought a follow-up to this topic with some additional caveats about doing so for large project opportunities would be worthwhile. Everyone gets excited when a new potential opportunity comes in ...
LIDAR Best Practices: Part VI ? Object Classification: Lewis Graham ? In the previous installment, we examined some of the intermediate steps that can be used in "classifying" LIDAR data where the objects of interest are very similar to the surrounding points. We specifically looked at the problems associated with classifying at-grade (meaning same elevation as the surroundings ...
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 6 (September)
? LiDAR or?  ? China Caves  ? Bidding  ? Autonomous Vehicles  ? Acronyms  ? Art, LIDAR, & History  ? Building Permits  ? High Resolution  ? Point Clouds  ? Stereo Vision  ? Measure Once  ? Puma AE  ? Casing  ? NERC  ? Jerry Dimsdale  ? LASitude  ? Business ...and more!
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 5 (July/August)
? Benefits  ? Heritage  ? Cape Canaveral  ? Social Media  ? Transportation  ? About Time  ? Coast To Coast  ? Penn State  ? Sanborn  ? Leddarô  ? Oregon State  ? Flood Impact  ? Petrochemical  ? Impervious Surfaces  ? eCognition  ? Density  ? Michael R. Frecks  ? Targeting Markets ...and more!
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 4 (May/June)
? Privacy ? Gatekeeper ? Congress ? Penn State ? Archaeology ? Photogrammetry ? Enforcement ? Brussels ? Level of Accuracy ? UAS ? Angola ? Pegasus ? Preservation ? Mobile Phone ? Forests ? CW LiDAR ? Galileo ? Jim Van Rens ? Geoverse ? Volumetric ? Millions ...and more!
Sponsored by Certainty 3D

TopoDOT? is a CAD application for extracting high quality models from LiDAR system data. Integrating TopoDOT's comprehensive tool suite for processing with the existing CAD capabilities of MicroStation?, PowerSurvey? and PowerMap? products has yielded a low cost application unrivalled in productivity and performance.

TopoDOT will "MAeX" the value of your LiDAR data.
Manage. Assess. eXtract.


Maptek Adds Evorelution Open Pit Scheduling
Colin Thomson Joins 3D Laser Mapping as Technical Director
Trimble and Neptec Technologies Announce Agreements for the Mining Industry
MAPPS Announces Judges for Eighth Annual Geospatial Awards
Introduction to Laser Scanning
MAPPS Selected for FAA Working Group on UAS
ZEB1 Laser Scanner Helps NZ Scientists Measure Forest Stands
MicroSurvey Layout 2 Revamps Construction Layout
Arithmetica Releases Pointfuse Software at Intergeo
Bentley's WaterCAD, WaterGEMS, and HAMMER V8i (SELECTseries 5)
The Need for Taking Extra Care When Pursuing Large Project Opportunities
Bluesky Aerial Data Helps Model Flood Risks Across England and Wales
RIEGL Supports Venice Architecture Biennale 2014!
RIEGL USA to Exhibit at IMEX 2014
Earthdefine Announces Availability of High Resolution Land Cover
Optech at OCEANS?14 in St. John?s, Canada
Trimble's New InSphere Data Marketplace
From The Editor: LIDAR, LiDAR or lidar?
Project Estimating: The Art and Science of Bidding a Project
Autonomous Vehicles: LiDAR is Key to Autonomous Vehicles
Acronym Landscape: "LIDAR" Versus "lidar" Versus "LiDAR" Versus "LADAR"
China Caves
Art, LIDAR, and Natural History
Leveraging Technology to Monitor Large Land Masses
Advantages of High Resolution Lidar
Preserving Infrastructure With Point Clouds
A Navigation System for the Visually Impaired Using Stereo Vision
Measure Once
Portable Unmanned Aircraft Systems?Flying Low and Slow for Higher Fidelity and Richer Mapping and Surveying Data
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    Handheld Scanner Supports Forest Applications
    Beneath the Surface of Stonehenge
    Applied Research Topics in Geomatics Wanted
    FARO 3D Documentation Conference 2014
    LiDAR, Lidar, LIDAR, or?

    This section is an update about LiDAR conferences, training, seminars, webinars and other relevant events. Feel free to make a suggestion for future consideration.
    INTERGEO - Berlin, Germany: October 7-9
    Send your event info to editor[at]
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