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From what I am hearing, the New Year seems to be off to a fast start. The 3D world is exploding on so many fronts that it impossible to keep up with all the different applications. Especially if you include the automotive world, as you can see in this issue's Video of the Week. As I have mentioned before, this a very similar path to what occurred with the consumerization of GPS.
On the data format front, the hot topic over the past couple of weeks is the announcement by Esri that it has developed a compressed format for LAS. A FAQ on the LAS Optimizer can be found here. The associated software can be downloaded and is free to use.
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Got Time?
I wanted to write about the weather, because nothing changes like the weather, but I didn?t have the time. Then it hit me - write about time. Can anybody define time? Scientists and philosophers seem to struggle with this. I like some of the more understandable and simpler definitions. Time flies when you are having fun. Time stands still when you are bored. A stitch in time saves nine. There's a time and place for everything. There?s ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
Autonomous BMW Can Drift
BMW showed off their self driving car last week at the Consumer Electronics Show and as you can see in this video if you want the extra thrill you can program ...
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New Articles from the LiDAR News team...
It Cost What?: Ryan Hacker ? As with most things the final decision comes down to pricing. How much does a product or service cost and as the buyer of those goods or services do I perceive that amount of value? If I see the value, I transact the deal. If I do not see the value, I find an alternative solution or do nothing at all. At TruePoint Laser Scanning, pricing the actual laser ...
Processing and Communicating - Internally: Stephen Clancy ? There are countless articles on Mobile LiDAR addressing a variety of topics. As an industry, we do an effective job of communicating to our peers and perspective clients the projects we?ve performed, the accuracies we?ve achieved, or the unique solutions we offer, among other topics. However, aside from ...
Joe Croser 
Be Creative But Don?t Forget to Test Your Concept First!: Joe Croser ? A client called me yesterday, ?We want to make a splash at an upcoming event and we?ve been brainstorming some ideas that we?re really excited about. Do you have time to review them?? At that point I was on a train heading into London so we agreed to reconvene via Skype this morning. I had no ...
Penn State Offers Online LiDAR Mapping Course: Karen Shuckman ? Many readers may have heard about the online learning opportunities provided by the Penn State World Campus. The online geospatial programs have served over 5000 students since 1998. In 2009, an international organization, The Sloan Consortium recognized the master of GIS program as the Most ...
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 3, Number 6 (November/December)
? Data Mobility ? Rework Costs ? X-Ray Vision ? Robotic Aid ? Underground Mining ? Floodplain Studies ? National Teamwork ? Structure From Motion ? NEON ? Mobile LiDAR ? Bathymetric LiDAR ? LAS Enhancements ? Data Doors ? Quantum Cameras ? Carswell ? Finish ...and more!
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ILMF 2014: February 17-19, Denver, Colorado USA

The International LiDAR Mapping Forum is a technical conference and exhibition focused on the use of airborne, terrestrial and bathymetric LiDAR and mobile mapping systems. ILMF spotlights the use of LiDAR to support transport, urban modeling, coastal zone mapping, land and natural resource management, utility asset management, 3D visualization, GIS and other applications. nal


Global Mapper v15.1 Released
3D Laser Mapping Offers Innovative Visualisation Software
Hexagon Metrology Unveils WLS qFLASH White Light Measurement Solution
It Cost What?
Esri Introduces Optimized LAS
AVEVA Reduces Design Time by 80% for Burgasnefteproekt
Horizon Survey Company Acquire Controlling Interest in Pelydryn Ltd
Australian LiDAR Webinar
Call for Papers Deadline - 29th January 2014
International LiDAR Mapping Forum to Showcase Bathymetry
Calabi Yau Systems Press Release
ASPRS Appoints Dr. Michael Hauck as Executive Director
VRMesh Triangulation for AutoCAD 2014 Beta Available
MAPPS Announces 2014 Conference Dates
Remote GeoSystems Releases LineVision? Google Earth©
ZEB1 Laser Scanner Put Through its Paces at World?s Deepest Gold Mine
Crystal Ball Gazing
First High - Res HD Video of Earth
The Coordinate Metrology Society Unveils Measurement Study Report
GeoCue Announces Release of LP360 2013.2
Blue Marble Solidifies Partnerships with International Resellers
Atlantic Hires Jochen Floesser as Senior Vice President
MAPPS Winter Conference Program Announced
ASPRS to Present ?Hot Topics? Sessions at International LiDAR Mapping For
Opinion Piece: How LBS is Driving The Retail Revolution
The HP Z1 All in One Workstation - Power Without The Tower
Light Field Cameras for 3D Capture and Reconstruction ? Part 1 of 2
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    LED-Based LEDDAR Sensor Deserves a Look
    More Eyeglass Computers
    Using Laser Scanning for Historic Preservation
    Mandli Develops Compact Mobile Data Collection System

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