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Since the last eNewsletter I have returned from Hexagon Live (and alive) in Las Vegas plus another short trip back to Orlando, FL to present a paper at the ASCE Transportation and Development Institute. This was the first public announcement of the Learn Mobile LiDAR website which our TRB team has been working on for the past 9 months. Please have a look and pass the word as I think you are going to find this an extremely valuable educational resource concerning the use of mobile LiDAR for transportation applications and beyond.
For a glimpse into the future, be sure to read David Abell's article on the use of LiDAR to support autonomous vehicles now being pushed by the insurance companies and car makers. This is going to happen, and sooner than you may think.
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The RIEGL VZ-400 terrestrial 3D laser scanner is a compact and lightweight static surveying tool that produces engineering grade data with proven performance. Safe, fast and reliable, the VZ-400 produces highly accurate and highly precise data as a one touch solution!

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New Technologies Changing the Game for LiDAR industry
We are in the midst of one of the most exciting periods of technology advances in a generation -- the emergence of vehicles that are aware of the driving environment, react and control themselves and, ultimately, operate autonomously. Recent developments in the LiDAR space, such as TriLumina's powerful and flexible LiDAR laser emitters, are accelerating the path to mass adoption and deployment in consumer vehicles ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
Mantis Vision's 3D Technology
Call it 3D for the masses or 3D for the mobile generation. They call it MV4D, and it just might change the way the world creates, uses, and experiences ...
Please drop a line if you have any questions or requests:
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"PointShape™ Pro" provides a variety of powerful tools for users to create high quality 3D Models and it's capable of extracting accurate features such as road, edge, power-lines, etc. For its wide usage, PointShape Pro covers from MicroStation to AutoCAD applications.

- Road Line, Edge, Power Line Extraction
- Intensity Base Auto Lane Extraction
- Infrastructure, Plant, Building Modeling
- Section View 2D Line String


New Articles from the LiDAR News team...
Factors to Consider in Project Budgets and Proposals: Mick Cunningham Whenever someone asks me what I do for a living and I reply that I'm an architect, they almost always respond So, you must like really like drawing houses then. I usually go on to briefly explain that drawing houses is the one thing I haven't spent a lot of time doing over the course of my career ...
What's the Buzz?: Jeff Fagerman My 18 month old granddaughter is in the stage of imitating animal sounds as she begins her journey to learning a spoken language. Everything she hears she tries to echo - over and over and over again. Her favorite is uh oh! for any phone call or text message sound (I'm not sure where she gets that from). Next up is moo and then a pursed ...
Ted Knaak 
A Practical, Innovative and Inexpensive Approach to LiDAR Data Management: Ted Knaak Certainty 3D LLC has developed TopoCloud, a user-friendly, practical and inexpensive tool for managing, controlling and archiving large LiDAR data sets. TopoCloud is elegantly integrated within Certainty 3D's TopoDOT® point cloud processing workflow. Topo ...
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 4 (May/June)
? Privacy ? Gatekeeper ? Congress ? Penn State ? Archaeology ? Photogrammetry ? Enforcement ? Brussels ? Level of Accuracy ? UAS ? Angola ? Pegasus ? Preservation ? Mobile Phone ? Forests ? CW LiDAR ? Galileo ? Jim Van Rens ? Geoverse ? Volumetric ? Millions ...and more!
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 3 (April)
? Standards ? In The Scan ? Training ? Vaudeville ? MAPPS 2014 ? Smithsonian X3D ? Asset Mapping ? Brussels ? Level of Accuracy ? SfM ? Data Quality ? Optech ? NCHRP 748 ? Wildlife Habitat. ? Terra Ceia ? Metastable States ? Fröhlich ? Business ...and more!
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 2 (March)
? Democratization ? Hurricane Sandy ? ISO Implementation ? CAD and GIS Integration ? Dead Reckoning ? Alaska?s North Slope ? Wildfire Risk Analysis ? MEMS Scanning ? 3D GeoPDF Maps ? Ted Knaak ? Labor is the Business ? Third Dimension ...and more!
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 4, Number 1 (January/February)
? Decade  ? The Scan  ? CyArk 500  ? Falling Prices  ? Global Markets  ? Flight Operations  ? Ground Penetration  ? Stuart Tunnel  ? St. Leonhard's  ? ABRACADABRA  ? Cascade Tunnel  ? Open Pit  ? S. Africa  ? ELMF & SPAR  ? TopoLift  ? Historical Preservation  ? Bernd Becker  ? 99.7% ...and more!
Sponsored by Topcon

Map ? Extract ? Deliver!

Topcon's IP-S2 HD mapper provides fast, high accuracy, high density data and dynamic imaging for any linear mapping project.

The vehicle-mounted system collects data at normal roadway travel speeds. Learn More at our website.


Leica Geosystems Announces 2014 HDS Plan Contest Winners
A Practical, Innovative and Inexpensive Approach to LiDAR Data Management
NEW MAVinci SIRIUS NIR Camera Option for Agricultural Applications
MAPPS to Host Webinar on UAS Section 333 Application Process
Bentley Issues Final Call for Submissions to 2014 Be Inspired
What's the Buzz?
Factors to Consider in Project Budgets and Proposals
Mantis Vision's 3D Technology. Coming to a Mobile Device Near You.
New Technologies are Changing the Game for the LiDAR industry
INTERGEO Conference Integrates Geoinformation with Modern Infrastructures
Optech Celebrates 40 Years of Lidar Innovation
OPAL LiDAR from Neptec Technologies Enhancing Airport Safety
GeoDigital Secures Funding
Worldwide Consultancy COWI Selects ZEB1 Hand Held Mapper
AVEVA Reveals the benefits of Engineering and Design for Lean Shipbuilding
Velodyne LiDAR Emerges as King of the Road at BCG Worldwide Officers Meeting
Optech Heading to Kuala Lumpur for FIG Congress 2014
The dawn of a new era? New GEO Business show unites geospatial industry
Marius Basson to Lead The Aladon Network
In Memoriam Carolyn J. Merry, PhD., ASPRS President 2010-11
Global Mapper LiDAR Module Released
Scan Armor 1.2 for Focus3D Presented at SPAR Japan 2014 by Gexcel and Sooki
ACEC of Metropolitan Washington Becomes Partner in Conference
GeoDVR is Now Available - a 4 Channel Geospatial DVR
From the Editor: Privacy and Conferences
Business Development: The Dreaded Gatekeeper
Geospatial Community to Contact Congress in Support of 3DEP
Education: Penn State Offers Online UAS Course
Mystery Of The Serpents Archaeology LiDAR
What's Old is New Again. Welcome Back Photogrammetry!
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    Mobile survey needs to work for you. The Trimble® MX2 Scanner is built to extend your capabilities to safely and effectively address difficult projects.

    It enables you to enter the world of mobile scanning with a manageable path to achieving return on investment and effective cost per collected point.

    USIBD to Issue State of the Industry Cornerstone Survey
    GeoDigital Secures Equity Funding
    Adoption of 3D Workflows
    Mobile LiDAR Guidelines eLearning Website
    LiDAR and SAR Water Monitoring Workshop

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