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By now you know that if you did not attend SPAR 2015 then you missed one of the more exciting events of the past few years. There was a definite buzz in the air from both the vendor and attendee side. On the technology front Z + F demonstrated an impressive integration of their scanner and mobile software. From the business side Trimble and Dot Products announced that the former would become an international reseller of the handheld scanner system.
If you have any doubt about the visualization power of LiDAR technology then you must see the video from Volkswagen below.
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ZEB1 vs. Tape & Disto
Funny how things shake down isn?t it?! You choose a new car which has a certain rarity value and then see three in short order! You take ages to think of your next LiDAR News article and then three strong stories surface all at once. It is sometimes referred to as ?The Rule of Threes? which generally applies when you wait ages for a bus and three come along all at once, but less commonly, when it relates to one?s thoughts, it is known as ...

Video of the week
Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editorial team:
Making the Invisible Visible
We go behind the scenes to discover how state of the art motion capture technology is helping Volkswagen highlight highlight the new Passat's innovative new ...
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VirtualGrid specializes in 3D point cloud and mesh processing. Our innovative product VRMesh Survey provides automatic point cloud classification and feature extraction solutions for airborne and mobile LiDAR. Removing vegetation, detecting ground points, extracting building footprints and creating 3D buildings can be automatically done in one click with high accuracy, which work well under extreme variations in terrain. Find out more at


New Articles from the LiDAR News team...
Greg Lawes 
Spar 2015 Week in Review: Greg Lawes ? I had been looking forward to the Spar Conference with both trepidation and excitement. A change in venue from the Broadmoor basecamp to Oil Town Houston, just as we are reportedly headed ?..toward a 2015 downturn? (Jerome Levy Forecasting Center LLC, Chairman David Levy ) left me wondering about turnout. On this note, I ...
Mobile LiDAR Point Density ? Part 1: Stephen Clancy ? LiDAR resolution, not to be confused with accuracy, provides the framework for identifying and discerning objects. Similar to aerial photography, higher resolution LiDAR information affords the opportunity to accurately identify smaller features. In LiDAR vernacular, there are two closely coupled terms that relate to the ...
Preference for a Low-Tech Lifestyle: Mick Cunningham ? I mentioned in a previous article how I?m not much of a technology buff. As I sit here writing this our office computer network is suffering from its second instance of the Crypto-Locker virus. I?m able to write locally on my laptop, but the rest of the staff is pretty much unable to work on any CAD or BIM files stored on our ...
Spar 2015: Joseph Romano ? While SPAR is always an event that I look forward to, it is time where I get to meet with my peers, colleagues and clients in an environment that is solely scanning focused. As a founding member of the USIBD ( I also look forward to SPAR as it is a time where many of the members get to meet and talk about how the organization is ...
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 5, Number 2 (March/April)
? Consumerization  ? Optimal Design  ? Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade  ? Conservation  ? Space-Age  ? Underwater Laser  ? Barriers  ? National Mall  ? ASTM E57  ? Landslides  ? Life Saving  ? Automating Dry Bulk  ? Powerline Inspections  ? General Contractors ...and more!
LiDAR Magazine - Volume 5, Number 1 (January/February)
? Consciousness  ? Drones  ? Optech Titan  ? Point Clouds  ? Preserving Historic Structures  ? Art, LIDAR, & History  ? Building Permits  ? Multispectral LiDAR  ? Handheld LiDAR  ? Chicago  ? Colorado Springs  ? Road Surveys  ? Chiroptera II  ? SPAR-E & ELMF  ? David Hall  ? Mission Critical
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Global Mapper is an affordable and easy-to-use GIS application. Add-on the LiDAR Module and receive additional functionality that includes, automatic feature extraction of buildings/trees, cross-sectional rendering for viewing/editing, faster gridding, automatic point classification tools, advanced filtering options, scripting commands for streamlining workflow and much more.

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Beginning Slate of Flyers Announced for ASPRS UAS Mapping 2015 Reno
ZEB1 vs. Tape & Disto: Measured Building Survey Accuracy Comparison
Optech Presenting at EGU 2015
Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Supports GEO Business 2015
Dr. Mark Whorton to Deliver Keynote at Optech ILSC 2015
TerraSim® Demonstrates New Technology at ITEC 2015
3D Art Lends a Face to ALS - Pop-Up Gallery in NYC
Official Release: Phi.3D 2.0 & the DPI-8 Kit
World's Largest Potato Identified using LiDAR Analysis Tools in Global Mapper
Trimble to Offer DPI-8 Handheld 3D Scanner for Building Construction Jobsites
DotProduct Releases Phi.3D 2.0 Software on Upgraded DPI-8 Handheld
Orbit GT Partners with Mandli for Maverick Release at SPAR, Houston
ClearEdge3D Announces EdgeWise? 5.0
Optech at 1st Int. Congress of the Mediterranean Union of Surveyors
Hexagon Expands Industrial Software Offering with the Acquisition of Q-DAS
Hexagon Announces New Segment Reporting
SmartGeoMetrics Launches Two New Firms from In-House Divisions.
SAM Expands Survey Capacity with Second Lynx Mobile Mapper?
The New 3D Laser Scanner of Zoller + Fröhlich

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    Making the Invisible, Visible
    Small Business sUAS Roundtable
    Boulder Colorado Storms
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    What About Balloons?
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