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Greetings LiDAR-nauts, fans and enthusiast to the September 1st edition of LiDAR Magazine ENewsletter. We've put together an exciting and informative issue and I would like to start by offering kudos to the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) and the Oregon LiDAR Consortium. Ali Ryan's article illustrates Oregon's pursuit to providing high-quality LiDAR data coverage for the entire state. An initial $2 million seed capital investment by the Oregon Legislature has since been leveraged into more than $15 million of LiDAR acquisition. This is the type of commitment to providing high-quality spatial information critical to so many aspects of society that needs to be duplicated throughout the world.

LiDAR plays Indiana Jones as the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) archaeologists identified rock shelters to have prehistoric petroglyphs. Laser scanning has allowed preservation of these petroglyphs within a 3-D model and the ability to share the information with interested tribes, archaeologists and the public.

We have an excellent video of a UAV Airborne Laser Scanning with Velodyne VLP-16. Our LiDAR news section features Routescene's LidarPod enabling a new approach to surveying, Lewis Graham's company, AirGon LLC has been granted an FAA Section 333 UAS Exemption, and USGS evaluates Sigma Space's Single Photon LiDAR as a key technology for its 3D Digital Elevation Program. There's a lot more news, articles and all things LiDAR …so read on intrepid LiDARnaut!

Until next time... Cheers!

Roland Mangold
Managing Editor
LiDAR Magazine

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LiDAR's Practical Use, Potential in Oregon

The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) leads the Oregon LiDAR Consortium, which was created in 2007 with the goal of providing high-quality LiDAR data coverage for the entire state. An initial $2 million seed capital investment by the Oregon Legislature has since been leveraged into more than $15 million of LiDAR acquisition. Projects start with a partner interested in funding a specific area, and DOGAMI...


Video of the week Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editor:

UAV Airborne Laser Scanning with Velodyne VLP-16

First experiment with the Velodyne VLP-16 LiDAR 'Puck' mounted on a brushless gimbal on a Devourer X8 heavy-lift multi-rotor UAV. The sensor mount also includes...

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New Articles from the LIDAR Magazine team...

Ken Smerz  
The Business of Laser Scanning: Industry Update: Ken Smerz - Our company travels throughout North America working primarily in the AEC space with architects, contractors, owners, and specialty trades of all sizes working on a wide variety of project types. So for those of us who have been laser scanning providers for a long time (which in this market is just about anyone with ...

Yang Li & Brimicombe 
Rapid Appraisal of Green Roof Potential in Urban Area: Yang Li & Brimicombe - We have recently successfully used LiDAR data to assess the green roof potential during our work in the project of TURaS. TURaS (Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability) is funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of European Union. Our work in this project focuses on green ...

Lauri Hartikainen 
Improving Point Cloud Data Accessibility with Web Browser Solutions: Lauri Hartikainen - With the continuously increasing use of laser scanning and other 3D data collection technologies within civil engineering, construction, renovation and maintenance of buildings and industrial facilities, improving the accessibility and usability of these massive datasets also outside the traditional user ...

Bob Gilbert 
MoDOT Preserves Archaeological Information with Close-Range LiDAR: Bob Gilbert - When many people think of the field of archaeology they often think of lost cities and fedora hats thanks to the popularity of the "Indiana Jones" movies. Rarely does the general public think of LiDAR in connection with recording historical information and artifacts, but that is exactly what has ...



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Siteco Presents RoadScanner Compact Mobile Mapper at INTERGEO
Routescene LidarPod Enables New Approach to Surveying
AirGon LLC Granted FAA Section 333 UAS Exemption
Commercial UAV Expo Issues Report on UAVs and Construction
New Maptek Laser Scanners Boost Underground Survey
GeoVisionary Used to Visualise Flood Risk
Michael Baker Leads Industry on Automated Pavement Data Collection
USGS Evaluates Sigma Space’s Single Photon LiDAR
ASPRS Launches Lidar Certification
Frost & Sullivan Applauds Quanergy for Developing Innovative LiDARs
EarthDefine Releases High Resolution Tree Map for Minnesota
Real Earth Partners With Velodyne
Woolpert Selected by USGS to Evaluate New Lidar Technologies for 3DEP
LizardTech Introduces GeoExpress 9.5 in Upcoming Webinar
Advanced Maptek Spatial Data Systems Target Mine Survey Productivity
USIBD 2015 Digital Symposium: "Where Technology Meets Business Reality"
Surrey Satellite US Expands Business Development Team
Webinar – Learn to Create and Share Tasks in Esri ArcGIS Pro
Envitia selected by Blighter Surveillance Systems
LizardTech Launches GeoExpress 9.5 at 2015 Esri User Conference
GeoCue Announces Release of LP360 2015.1
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