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Welcome! We've got two big conferences coming up in the next couple weeks: SPAR 3D and ASPRS 2016, both held simultaneously in different parts of Texas, April 11-16. This will pose somewhat of a logistical issue for many in this industry but I am sure the fact they are both in the great state of the country may provide the opportunity for some to visit both.

We have a great issue in store for you with tons of outstanding content and info. In this edition, Michael Papenhagen discusses UAV Topographical Surveys; Ryan Hacker shows how 3D Laser Scanning + BIM Modeling were deployed to help restore Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple; and James Wilder Young writes about how Merrick & Company, Maser and Xorail are using Hybrid LiDAR for Positive Train Control.

Also, don't miss ... Points & Pixels: A collection of the top projects, products, and pictures from around the LiDAR world. And, great insight from columns by Lewis Graham, Ken Smerz and Eric Andelin!

Until next time... Cheers!

Roland Mangold
Managing Editor
LIDAR Magazine

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Sponsored by Siteco Informatica

Siteco announced the release of the New TOTAL CONTROL Road-SIT Survey release for the Mobile Mapping Systems. Users can rely on top performing features, through a natural approach: powerful snapping tools for the feature extraction, fine-tuning collimation, real-time update display in multiple point-cloud cross sections and camera views, smart zooming functions, and much more. The Road-SIT suite is used with the well-known Siteco’s Road-Scanner and fully compatible with Optech, Riegl, Topcon and Leica mobile mapping systems. Click for videos or info.


Spotlight is updated 24/7 with the latest news and announcements affecting the business..

Orbit GT Launches Technology at Esri Partner Conference

Orbit GT is launching disruptive 3D Mapping technology to be presented at the Esri Partner Conference, Palm Springs, CA. "Our Esri integrations will change the way the Esri community looks at Mobile Mapping and other 3D content", says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT. "We're pleased that many Esri users, partners and employees are looking forward to have high end quality and accurate content of street level imagery and 3D point clouds ...


Video of the week Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editor:

FARO bridge workflow using Rithm Survey & PointSense

A quick overview of the software workflow using FARO SCENE with the Rithm Surveyor app, and AutoCAD with the PointSense Pro plugin. 5 scans were taken with the FARO Focus3D X330, the field portion took about 45 minutes and the registration took about 20 minutes ...

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Sponsored by Teledyne Optech

Galaxy is the next generation of airborne solutions. Galaxy's new PulseTRAK™ and SwathTRAK™ technologies (patents pending) make surveying simpler than ever before by providing unique innovative feature sets that maximize productivity, increase information content and reduce overhead costs. Whether installed in a tactical UAV, integrated in a helicopter pod, or gyro-stabilized with an orthometric camera for wide-area mapping, Galaxy's performance and capability is out of this world.


New Articles from the LIDAR Magazine team...

Ryan Hacker 
Restoring Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple: Ryan Hacker - TruePoint was tasked with laser scanning both the interior and exterior of Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple and produce a 3D BIM model for historical renovation documentation. Unity Temple is located in Oak Park, Illinois. The client's challenge in this case was to be able to thoroughly document the ...

James Wilder Young 
Using Hybrid LiDAR for Positive Train Control (PTC) Systems: James Wilder Young - On May 12, 2015 an Amtrak Train from Washington D.C going to New York City derailed and crash on the Northeast Corridor in Port Richmond, Philadelphia. There were 243 people aboard including 5 crew members. There was a total of 200 injured (11 critically) and 8 deaths. At the time of ...

Daniel Chapek 
What's in Store for Reality Capture for 2016?: Daniel Chapek - Building information modeling and 3D design are nearly standard in the building industry. It took companies a long time to understand the power and efficiencies that came with switching from 2D to modeling. The same is happening with reality capture. Reality capture is not new, but like 3D modeling, it has taken ...

Michael Papenhagen 
What Took Weeks Now Takes Days with More Detail, Same Accuracy: Michael Papenhagen - Many ancient structures like the pyramids, the acropolis and the Roman road infrastructures have survived for over 2000 years. This is testament in part to the successful application of surveying techniques, no matter how crude their methods might seem by today's standards. From its ...

Lewis Graham 
Random Points: Just a Little Bit Tighter, now Baby: Lewis Graham - I was recently engaged in a very interesting conversation with a company who is performing a number of survey related operations for mine site management. This conversation led me to think, once again, about the overall issues of accuracy. The end purpose of this month's column is to implore the ...

Ken Smerz  
The Business of Laser Scanning: Cash Strapped?: Ken Smerz -Cash is King! No kidding, but when I can't get my clients to pay for the jobs we deliver in a timely manner, that's a significant issue for expenses... and little things like payroll. We actually have a chart we use to forecast accounts receivable versus costs, with intersecting lines that project when we are expecting to ...



LIDAR Magazine - Volume 6, Number 2 (March/April)
• Another Arrow  • Points & Pixels  • UAV Topographical Surveys  • Sharing  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple  • Reality Capture  • Czech Republic  • PTC Systems  • Random Points  • Cash Strapped? ...and more!

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LIDAR Magazine - Volume 6, Number 1 (January/February)
• Points & Pixels  • Complex Terrain  • Mapping Nepal  • Building Ski Trail Maps  • Sub Centimeter Accuracy  • Highway Safety  • BIM Topos  • Documenting Naval Architecture  • Licensing  • Talent Search ...and more!

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LIDAR Magazine - Volume 5, Number 8 (December)
• Transportation  • Points & Pixels  • Bat Cave  • Canterbury  • Stereo  • Hurricane Season  • Tree Crown Delineation  • Slope Monitoring  • Near-Sighted Drone  • sUAS Mine Mapping  • Do It Yourselfers ...and more!

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LIDAR Magazine - Volume 5, Number 7 (November)
• Drones  • Points & Pixels  • 3D BIM Project  • Olsson Associates  • Nuclear Inspections  • Aerial LiDAR  • Wildlife Conservation  • Section 333  • Operation Eradication  • Mobile Mapping  • Random Points  • About Tech ...and more!

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DRONE VOLT Launches its Surveillance Drone at the Nuremberg IWA Fair
Bentley Technology was Used for the Pope's Visit to Philadelphia
Perfect Lift-Off in 2015 Draws Strong Support for Commercial UAV Expo 2016
GeoFIT Americas Adopts SimActive's Correlator3D for UAVs
Pix4D and Parrot Present Drone Solution at International Real Estate Conference
FARO Introduces World's First 3D BIM Scan Localizer
RIEGL is Attending and Presenting at Conferences this March
Asset Owners Share Business Drivers for 3D Technologies at SPAR 3D
Juniper Unmanned Releases Flight Management Solution
interaerial SOLUTIONS—Biggest Commercial UAS Event Cleared for Take-Off
ZEB-REVO—A Revolution in Mobile Indoor Mapping
GEO Business 2016 Launches Popular FREE to Attend Workshop Programme
2016 Lidar Partnership Awards Announced
Bluesky's Aerial Laser Maps Drive Creative Golf Course Design
SPAR 3D Offers More Hands-On Learning and Live Demonstrations
Commercial UAV Expo Report: Outlook for the Commercial Drone Market
Orbit GT Launches Disruptive Technology at Esri Partner Conference
Innovative Solutions for Bathymetry at Oceanology International 2016
New JRC 3D Software Now Available for Topcon GLS-2000
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    Geiger-mode LiDAR is an emerging commercial technology that enables the collection of data at higher resolutions and from higher elevations than traditional linear-mode LiDAR. To date, Geiger-mode LiDAR has been used only in the government domain. Over the past 15 years, Harris has become the only large-volume processor of Geiger-mode LiDAR. Our experience includes the full life cycle of Geiger-mode LiDAR data collection, processing, and dissemination.


    This section is an update about LiDAR conferences, training, seminars, webinars and other relevant events. Feel free to make a suggestion for future consideration.

    SPAR 3D Expo & Conference: April 11-14, 2016, The Woodlands, Texas

    ASPRS 2016 Annual Conference: April 11 - 15, 2016, Forth Worth, Texas

    GITA Pacific Northwest Chapter Conference: April 18-19: Mukilteo, WA

    GeoBuiz Summit: April 26-27: Bethesda, MD

    EnerGIS: May 16-17: Canonsburg, PA

    Upper Midwest Geospatial Conference: May 25-26: La Crosse, WI

    *GITA conferences and events are open to anyone interested in learning about geospatial information and technology. To learn more about any of the GITA events above, visit GITA's website at:

    Send your event info to editor[at] << Events >>


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    The Blue Marble User Conference is hitting the road in March. Join us in Houston, Calgary, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, or Boston as we showcase the latest Blue Marble developments and hear from a variety of industry professionals sharing their experiences with Global Mapper and the Geographic Calculator. BMUC is a great opportunity for networking, for brushing up on your software skills, and for providing input on the continued development of Blue Marble products. Register Today!


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