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Welcome. This year's show season kicked off with a bang with another successful ILMF on the books. As we look forward to IGTF (ASPRS) in Baltimore mid-March, we're already anticipating next year's joint event, something long envisioned in the GeoTech community. Per the joint announcement, "The combined event will feature a single exhibit hall and inclusive social activities, giving attendees access to more geospatial solutions and networking than would have been possible had the events continued separately." You can read more about it, HERE

Scroll down to catch much of the big news from Denver. Drop us a line if you'll be in Baltimore and would like to meet up.

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Sponsored by VRMesh

VRMesh is an advanced 3D point cloud and mesh processing software tool. Our innovative technologies are aimed to provide powerful and easy solutions for engineering industries. The entire family of VRMesh consists of three packages, VRMesh Studio, VRMesh Survey and VRMesh Reverse, targeted to different customers.

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Spotlight is updated 24/7 with the latest news and announcements affecting the business..

Bluesky Announces New Flood Risk Map of the UK

A groundwater flood risk map of the UK is being made widely available for the first time. Created by JBA Consulting and available online from aerial mapping company Bluesky, the map is designed to help home owners, developers and risk management authorities understand the threat...


Video of the week Check out our video of the week, hand-picked by our editor:

Laser Scanning for As-Built Drawings

Laser scanning-based reality capture is fundamentally changing the world of architecture and construction. This technology and the complimentary workflow provides tangible, real-world benefits by lowering the cost of documenting as-is conditions and reducing the overall...

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Unlock New Insights in Your Data Acquisition System

Let our digitizer experts help you select the best solution for real-time signal acquisition, ready to be integrated into your LIDAR system. Keysight ADC cards display deeper, sharper results thanks to higher measurement fidelity and signal integrity. Qualified services ensure effective integration into your application.

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Recent Articles from the LIDAR Mag team...

The 3D Elevation Program and America's Infrastructure : Vicki Lukas - Infrastructure—the physical framework of transportation, energy, communications, water supply, and other systems—and construction management—the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to end—are critical to the Nation's prosperity....
Brent Gelhar 
Roadway Inspection—Different Surfaces, Different Requirements : Brent Gelhar - Since mobile mapping data collection systems first emerged several decades ago, there have been many advances in the technologies employed. The original visual inspection methods were automated at first with the advent of video camera technology. The most recent advances include the integration of ....

David F. Maune 
Why ASPRS is Key to Geospatial Professional Development: David F. Maune - I started my geospatial career as a First Lieutenant in Army topographic engineer units in the early 1960s when stereo photogrammetry was still performed with analog Multiplex projectors. It could take 8 hours to perform relative orientation for a single pair of stereo aerial photos ...

Lewis Graham 
Random Points: Out of Control: Lewis Graham - I used part of my holiday to catch up on some industry reading. What I find is rather disturbing. The offending information is primarily coming from overview articles in online sources regarding small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) and their data collection accuracy. While much of the information is useful, the statements ...

Ken Smerz 
Change on the Horizon!: Ken Smerz - To qualify the forthcoming opinion I'm about to give, I've been in the 3d imaging business for about 8 years, managing a 3d imaging service provider that isn't loyal to any hardware or software manufacturer. In fact, we actively seek to work with them all, and use the best hardware/software. We average 3,200+ scans every week ...


Sponsored by Riegl

The new ultra high performance, fully integrated and calibrated Dual Channel Airborne Mapping System RIEGL VQ-1560i is well prepared for fulfilling the challenging demands of even complex airborne mapping missions. Based on RIEGL’s sophisticated waveform processing LiDAR technology, the system is capable of online waveform processing as well as full or smart waveform recording, resulting in unsurpassed information content on each single target.



LIDAR Magazine - Volume 7, Number 1 (Jan/Feb)
• 3DEP for Infrastructure  • Points & Pixels  • Embracing New Tech  • Breaklines  • Aerial LiDAR  • ASPRS and ProfDev  • Indoor Mobile Mapping  • Mobile Tools  • Civil Engineering Chronicles & Future Tech ...

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LIDAR Magazine - Volume 6, Number 8 (December)
• Phoenix Area Mobile Firm  • Points & Pixels  • Indoor Mapping - Europe  • UAV Use for Open Cast Mines and Quarries  • National Enhanced Elevation Assessment (NEEA)  • Aerial LiDAR  • A Tale of Two Airborne LiDAR Scanners—Lower Colorado River Basin Survey  • TN Agencies  • Shipbuilding ...

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LIDAR Magazine - Volume 6, Number 7 (Oct/Nov)
• INTERGEO  • Points & Pixels  • Embracing New Technology  • 5 Myths  • Need a Vacation  • Aerial LiDAR  • Gravity vs. Geometry  • Future of Land Surveying  • Tennessee Agencies  • What's in a Name? ...

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New generation of solid-state LiDAR sensors

LeddarVu is an advanced LiDAR platform that combines the benefits of a lightweight and compact architecture with superior performance, all-weather robustness, affordability and ease of integration.

With several fields-of-view configurations available, LeddarVu is the best LiDAR sensing platform for applications such as drone navigation, advanced traffic monitoring systems or unmanned vehicles collision avoidance.


Matrix New World Expands Its 3D Laser Surveying Services
Surveys for Gordie Howe Bridge Cited in National Engineering Competition
LizardTech Releases MrSID Generation 4 Decode SDK Version 9.5.4
Global Mapper 18.1 Released with Improved 3D Viewing, New Fly-Through Visualization Tools, and Expanded Format Support
Bluesky Announces New Online Flood Risk Map of the UK
Maptek Provides Resilience During a Challenging Economic Environment
EdgeData and Harris Corporation to Collaborate on Electric Utility Asset Inspection and Management Solutions
Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF) & ASPRS Conference to Take Place Together in 2018
Maser Consulting Teams with Pulse Aerospace
SimActive Unveils New Licensing Options
Prototype for "Native LAS 1.4 Extension" of LASzip LiDAR Compressor Released
TopoDOT Users Conference 2017 - Management Program
Skyline Software Systems Releases PhotoMesh 7.1
Teledyne Optech Announces the New ALTM Galaxy T1000
Avenza Maps for Windows 2.0 Released
Orbit GT Releases Oblique Mapping and Feature Extraction v17
GEO Business and Class of Your Own Launch GEO Careers
Bluesky Granted Innovation Funding for Mobile Phone Mapping Project
Carlson Software Introduces Precision 3D Topo 2017
Orbit GT Announces Disruptive 3D Mapping Cloud Solution
YellowScan Launches YellowScan LiveStation
GeoSLAM Launches Desktop V3
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    IGTF 2017 (ASPRS): Mar 13-17, Baltimore, Maryland

    SPAR 3D Expo and Conference: Apr 3-5, Houston, Texas

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    Sponsored by Harris Corporation

    Geiger-mode LiDAR enables the collection of data at higher resolutions and from higher elevations than traditional linear LiDAR - so one collect can be used for multiple purposes. After two decades of providing the U.S. Government with this data, Harris now offers Geiger-mode LiDAR data and products to commercial organizations and civil governments.

    Watch our video to see how you can benefit from Geiger-mode LiDAR.


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